Philosophy of the organic

Why organic wine?

- Because as from the production of the grapes up to the winemaking process, it is based on the application of a set of techniques which do not allow the use of chemical products.

- Because in order to produce the raw material, the ecosystem biological balance is intensified by favoring the presence of microorganisms which are typical of the fauna and of the environment to enhance fertility in the long run.

- Because spices and varieties are chosen according to their adaptation to the environment and to the resistance to plagues and diseases.

- Because the control carried out by the certifying organization lets anyone find the origin, nature and quantities of supplies, additives and other substances involved in the whole wine-making process.

- Because it is produced in a clean and neat environment avoiding any contamination whatsoever.

- Because it is intended for a healthy diet pursuant to IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement) regulations worldwide.