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We started the project “Bodega Vinecol” in 1998, with the aim of creating a winery focused on high quality organic wines for export, which in turn would be differentiated by the artisan care in the whole process.

– Our philosophy involves respect and care for the environment, for which we are committed to complying with international organic production and quality standards.

– We aspire to achieve our goal by balancing the freshness of innovation with the support of long-standing professionals.

– To this end, we have young professionals interested in commercial technological development, as well as socially committed to transferring this development to the community.

– We believe we are different by having our own vineyard, having state-of-the-art European technology and pursuing the dream of sharing those moments where the pleasure of a good wine is present.

We believe that through Organic Agriculture is the best way to obtain the best wines.

Pablo dessel

Organic Philosophy

Organic agriculture is based on the care of the land and the environment. At Vinecol we only use products of natural origin and permitted by the international organic standard.

We do not use any agrochemicals or genetically modified products.

  • Because we seek to respect the terroir and have a unique identity in our wines.

  • Because they are more natural as they are not in contact with any chemical products.

  • Because they promote cleaner and more sustainable soils.

  • Because there is traceability throughout the winemaking process in accordance with international standards.

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our Products

We make wines with our own identity, seeking the maximum expression of our terroir. We have a traceability system that allows us to control our products from harvest to trading.


Organic Certification

Since 1998 we have had the International Organic Certification.

We were one of the first wineries in Argentina to achieve this certification. We have different organic seals for the foreign market. The certification is based on the non-use of chemical products in the growing and winemaking process.

LETIS Vegano

Suitable Vegan Certification

A vegan wine is one in whose production no animal products have been used, mainly in the fining process. At Vinecol we use Bentonite, of mineral origin.

BdA Sustainability

Sustainability Certification

Issued by Bodegas de Argentina, this certification carries the banner of National Wine Sustainability, referring to the natural and environmental resources and the quality of the wines. In several foreign markets it is a requirement to have this seal.

USDA Organic

USDA Organic Certification

LETIS Orgánico

Letis Organic Certification

Orgánico Brasil

Orgânico Brasil Certification

Organico Argentina

Organic Certification Argentina

JAS Japón

JAS Certification

Orgánico UE

EU Organic Certification

Organic Canadá

Organic Canada Certification


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Hugo Zamora


Luis Romero


Pablo Dessel


Sebastián Lofrano