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QUINDE Malbec?
In Quechua, the native language of Mendoza, Quinde means hummingbird and we use it as a symbol of respect for the environment and nature.
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Certified Organic
since 1998
We were one of the first wineries in Argentina to achieve certification. We have different organic seals for the foreign market.
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Yes, Naranjo...
unique and organic
With low production and minimal intervention in the vinification of non-traditional varietals, we create unique and unforgettable moments.
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We believe that Organic Farming and Respect for the Environment are the way to obtain the best wines.
OUR Philosophy

We are

| SINCE 1998 |


Because from the production of the grapes to the elaboration of the wine, we are based on the application of techniques that do not allow the use of products coming from the chemical industry.

With a Sustainable Spirit

We are The Environment

We promote biodiversity with healthy soils and without the use of chemical products.

Minimal Intervention

We seek the maximum expression of the terroir. Using the minimum amount of SO2 in the whole winemaking process.

We certify Processes

We guarantee the traceability and quality of our wines through our Organic, Vegan and Sustainable seals.

We work with passion

Winemaking is our way of life and it awakens our passion to keep innovating and working harder every day.


Organic Wines


Fresh and young wines.
Our first line of organic wines launched in 2003.

los médanos

Refers to the geography and soil type of our organic vineyard.
These are young wines with American oak characteristics.


It is one of the native birds of our country.
A line of young wines, de-contracted, fermented in stainless steel tanks, without contact with oak.


Its meaning is Colibri, in Quechua, native language of Mendoza.
Respect for the environment and for nature are the pillars of our organic wines.


The ecosystem and its balance with the environment, allows us to have different breeds of roosters in our organic farm.
RedPuro is a type of rooster and it is transmitted in the personality of the wine, with body and presence in the mouth.


Low production and minimal intervention in winemaking with non-traditional varietals.


These are lines created for specific markets with unique characteristics, always highlighting the origin of the region.


Our Wines Reflect Our Vineyard

Located in La Paz, Mendoza,
in a strategic area for the development of organic wines,
with ideal conditions for vine growing.


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our Products

We make wines with our own identity, seeking the maximum expression of our terroir. We have a traceability system that allows us to control our products from harvest to trading.

"Vinecol is at the level of the most demanding international markets".

Adriano VIvas, CEO now-argentina