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Sacha Criolla

Location: La Paz – Mendoza -Argentina
Harvest Date: March
CLIMATE: Semi-desert with wide temperature ranges.
SOIL: Sandy loam HEIGHT: 800 metres above sea level.
IRRIGATION: Furrow / Drip irrigation.
Manual in boxes of 14 to 18 Kg.

Certification: Organic
Selection: Selection Belt
Fermentation: Stainless Steel Tank
Malolactic Fermentation: Natural
Number of Bottles: 6,000 bottles per year
Ageing: No

Tasting Notes
Native wine from Argentina.
The eastern region of Mendoza is the main production area.
It is a wine with clear and bright tones.
In nose its aromatic expression is quite intense with a predominance of red fruits such as raspberry and cherry.
Light and fruity. We recommend drinking it chilled.
Ideal with appetizers, salads and fresh dishes.