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Sacha Sauvignon Blanc

Location: La Paz – Mendoza -Argentina
Harvest Date: March
CLIMATE: Semi-desert with wide temperature ranges.
SOIL: Sandy loam HEIGHT: 800 metres above sea level.
IRRIGATION: Furrow / Drip irrigation.
Manual in boxes of 14 to 18 Kg.

Certification: Organic
Selection: Selection Belt
Fermentation: Stainless Steel Tank
Malolactic Fermentation: Natural
Number of Bottles: 6,000 bottles per year
Ageing: No

Tasting Notes
Bright, limpid, clear, golden colour.
Nose with notes of almond and fresh hazelnut, with a hint of citronella and citrus peel.
The palate is round and fresh, with a nice breadth that unfolds in an aromatic palette in which we find the aromas of the nose.
The finish is long, very aromatic and lingers on perfumed notes in the persistence. Ideal with seafood.