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RedPuro Red Blend


    Location: La Paz – Mendoza -Argentina

    Harvest Date: March

    CLIMATE: Semi-desert with wide temperature ranges.

    SOIL: Sandy loam HEIGHT: 800 metres above sea level.

    IRRIGATION: Furrow / Drip irrigation.


    Manual in boxes of 14 to 18 Kg.


    Certification: Organic

    Selection: Selection Belt

    Fermentation: Stainless Steel Tank

    Malolactic Fermentation: Natural

    Ageing: Yes ( 6 months )

    Tasting Notes

    We combine the freshness, fruit and sweetness of Malbec with the strength, structure and body of our Cabernet Sauvignon and the soft tannins of Bonarda to achieve this great RedBlend.

    Unctuous and elegant red and black fruit, menthol aromas, flowers and spices are some of the aromas that dominate its profile.

    Smoky and chocolate notes are also found in the oak.

    In the mouth we perceive its soft and pleasant tannins with a long and complex persistence.

    Ideal to accompany well-seasoned pastas and meats.